Hi, I'm Ellen.

an author, graphic designer + illustrator with a passion for storytelling through art, design, and language

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A Note About My Work:

I have always been captivated by the process of turning an idea into something tangible and accessible. There is something so magical about creating something out of nothing and bringing someone's idea to life. During this process of creating, I am always learning and unlearning. I am evolving and changing. My design work can be precise and clean. My illustrations can be loose and messy. But these two worlds can also exist in harmony.


Regardless of how I create, I love creating. I never want to lose my sense of child-like wonder. I never want to lose my excitement for life.  And above all, I always want to be vulnerable. I always want to be honest. I want my work to reflect this. So, welcome to my messy art corner. A place for my design and illustration work, where anything is possible. Feel free to stay as long as you'd like and reach out to me anytime! I'm only a corner away. 

Warm Wishes,


welcome to

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A portfolio of graphic design, illustrations, and motion graphics